The Sonnets by William Shakespeare – FAQ

How do I update to iOS 5 in order to run The Sonnets?

The Sonnets is only compatible with iOS 5 and following versions. You will therefore need to update your iPad before you can run this app. To do so, simply plug your iPad into your computer. iTunes should bring up a dialogue box informing you that there is an iOS update available for your iPad - click Download & Update. Once the process is finished, you will be able to use The Sonnets on your iPad.

The Sonnets seems to take a long time to download in iTunes.

The Sonnets is quite large at around 1.37GB, almost as large as many HD movies. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take some time to download in iTunes. Check the progress bar periodically: if it stops moving you may need to cancel the download and start again.

Why does The Sonnets take a long time to sync to my iPad?

The Sonnets does take some time to sync to your iPad due to its substantial size. If the sync appears to have hung and the progress bar remains static, you may need to cancel the sync and restart it.

Does The Sonnets support VGA output?

The Sonnets supports VGA output from iPad 2 onwards.

Please note that for any questions related to billing, downloading, or installing apps you need to contact iTunes App Store Support, these issues are out of our control.